Easy Financing Of Your Flooring & Installation

Easy monthly payments –no pain or paperwork

Consumer-friendly financing makes it easy to afford the services you care about. Now you can invest in what matters most without surprises or unexpected late fees.

How It Works

Its pretty simple, unlike other financing offered by any of our competitors. When you get a quote from us your financing options will be listed in the body of the email, and all you need to do from there is click the option and follow the steps from Wisetack! When your all done Wisetack sends us a message to inform us of your choice to finance your entire project or just part of it. At that point we process your order and schedule any installation dates as we normally would.

Easy for all customers

All loans are subject to credit approval. Terms may vary.

  • Short application, quick decision, 24/7

  • APR from 0% to 29.9%

  • Terms from 3 to 60 months; up to 6 options per customer

  • Soft credit pull (checking options does not impact your credit score)

  • No prepayment penalties, origination fees, late fees, or compounding interest

  • 100% paperless


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