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Refer Us to A Friend or Family Member For Their Hardwood Flooring, Carpet, Vinyl plank, laminate, Or Even just Their Flooring Installation! 

The Best form of advertising is "word of mouth". We intend on taking full advantage of all forms of it! We already bring in plenty of customers from word of mouth from previous customers who have already had the pleasure of our services.

We are now stepping it up and bringing "word of mouth" to a new level, and getting people who are  current or previous customers involved in spreading the word about Wilton Floors.

This means YOU! Current customer, previous customer, never been a customer, dont plan on being a customer, your friend, your family, in a nut shell if you want or need to make a few extra bucks, here is your chance!


Refer someone or anyone to Wilton Floors and if they buy, Wilton Floors will cut you a check for $25.00. Heres how it works; print out this page and fill out all the areas in RED and give it to the person whom you referred to us. They must give us the completely filled out form before or at the time of the purchase. When they make their purchase we will send you your check! In stock area rugs excluded


Your Full Name:

Your Mailing Address:


Your Phone #:

The name of the Person you Sent to us:


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